Welcome to my blog..

I read in a book by Lisa See (snow flower and  a secret fan) “when you will read a thousand books your words will flow like a river” and i have read no more than a hundred. My words are not like river but like a trickle of water running from a tap.

Why am i writing ? 

Simply to pen my thoughts and have them documented on internet. I am no writer so do not look for any inspiration and do not judge me for the errors i will make but read what i know and what i share with you. I don’t plan on writing about fancy topics but about everyday things i come across, books i read, movies & TV dramas that i see. Frankly i have no precise thought what this is gonna be about except for me being sure that i will update it religiously on all the topics from all facets of life.


Keep reading and keep cheering me on my new endeavor.


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