When travelling to Thailand with a baby

When our generation was younger the only places we had been to was our grandparents place. Travelling and seeing the world was never on anybodies to do list. Our parents were so busy making the ends meet that they hardly had any time and money for extravagance, but today almost everyone is going abroad not alone but with their kids. Having the first hand experience of the culture of other countries.Thus following the trend we planned a holiday to Thailand as well. I also took my 2 year old son with me.

Why should he be left behind when his parents planned on having a gala time?

But frankly its not easy travelling with children especially an year old’s and toddlers. They tire you and you only half enjoy your holiday. You are constantly worried about what will they eat. After coming back i recently received a call from my friend who is travelling to Thailand soon and she asked me what all she can give her child and that is when i got the idea for this post.

My very first reply was carry your stock of formula milk from India because it is very expensive in Thailand. Nearly 4 times the price in India. If you don’t wish to burn a hole in your pocket buying expensive formula milk please carry it with you in case your child doesn’t drink pasteurized milk.

My second advice to her was that almost all hotels in Thailand have boiled rice(buffets) even in breakfast. By boiled i  mean to say is overly cooked rice with starch and you can add sugar or salt as per the taste of your child.

Finally you can give fruits and fresh juices to the child which you will find in every nook and corner of Thailand. People there love their fruits. 🙂

I think these three things cover almost all what i learned while travelling to Bangkok with baby.


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