Jonathan livingston seagull: Richard bach



Jonathan Livingston Seagull is no ordinary bird. He loved to fly.

Each one of us has seen a movie or two where the protagonist starts naive but in his burning desire to learn the trade he practices and despite all criticism and lack of facilities he still comes out as a winner.

In this fable that protagonist is Jonathan Livingston Seagull. For other gulls flying is a means to get food but for him it is the means of giving purpose to life. He is all alone flying, hungry, happy, learning. There are times in his journey when he is also surrounded by doubt, is hurt, stalls many a times and hits the rock like sea but he doesn’t give up his practice, his desire to become the best. He does succeed. He finally excels in the subject of flying

In second part of this book he is transported to a place where he meets many other gulls who had the same desire as his, who like him were outcasts but were allot better than him at flying. Jon then again practices hard, he achieves what other gulls learned in one thousand lives or may be in ten thousand. Here he meets Chiang who is the eldest and knows about flying more than any of the other gulls. He teaches him how to transport self in split seconds. Now with all this knowledge Jon is filled with the responsibility to teach his learning to the gulls like him still living with flock in doubt and he comes back home to teach, to show everyone that life has more meaning to it then just doing what everyone has been doing forever…..

When i first read a few reviews about this book on Goodreads i was sure that this is going to be a fantastic read. A book that will change my thinking and have a deep impact on me.

Yes, it did leave me spell-bound in a few places and the author Richard Bach has done tremendous justice to the story but this is something i have read and heard so many times already.

Richard Bach has written some amazing quotes in this book but when you read it and finally draw the crux of the story you feel you have already heard and read these things. Still reading it will make you recall the mantra of success which is lying somewhere dormant in some part of the brain.

Read it if you already have it.



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